I failed at University. Why?

I remember much of my first day at junior school like it was just yesterday. It was quite an introduction to formal education: the disappointment of discovering that my only friend was in a different class to me; the excitement of meeting up with him at break time; the bravado involved in asking the boy … Continue reading I failed at University. Why?

Go For The Hard Cell

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about what it means to be a Christian at University, and how exactly I/we fit into society and the church. I have often marvelled at how the life a student leads is perpetually estranged from the “real world”, and how we as students tend to warmly embrace this unhealthy … Continue reading Go For The Hard Cell


(Currently sitting in my room, cursing the bar across the road for playing ridiculous reggae music at 4000 decibels – they’re probably getting complaints from a family trying to sleep in central Kingston right now). Eight floors and eighty feet above the world, my University life has taken flight.¬†Eighteen¬†flights, to be precise – of stairs, … Continue reading Re:freshers