World Cup Whims

Once again, I’m putting my “reputation” as a “sports journalist” on the line and making a few predictions for the upcoming Football World Cup. To win: Spain. I don’t understand why so many people are writing off the Spanish. Their second XI would beat the majority of the teams at the World Cup, and unlike Brazil & Argentina there are … Continue reading World Cup Whims

My Summer Playlist

The last few days have provided us with the finest weather of the year thus far, and although today’s forecast is promising the restoration of normality, my barbecue-filled weekend has inspired me to compile a vivacious playlist to chaperone me through the thoroughly soporific affair that is the British summer. I fully intend to ignore … Continue reading My Summer Playlist

Poetry Emotion

I’ve recently tried dabbling in a bit of poetry. Like many other things in life, the writing of poems is something that I love to do but hate to study. Some of my worst memories from school I owe to many hours of studying poetry anthologies, and some of my best involve authoring my own limericks, sonnets and ballads … Continue reading Poetry Emotion

Originally posted on Broken Chariots:
Thanatophobia. The word may be unfamiliar but the older you get the more familiar you will become with its meaning. Thanatophobia is the fear of death or more specifically being dead or dying; and according to those ‘Top Ten’ surveys that frequent the internet, it remains unchallenged as the number one fear…