Go For The Hard Cell

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about what it means to be a Christian at University, and how exactly I/we fit into society and the church. I have often marvelled at how the life a student leads is perpetually estranged from the “real world”, and how we as students tend to warmly embrace this unhealthy … Continue reading Go For The Hard Cell

Portsmouth is [nearly] the complete city…

It seems like forever since I sat down at my laptop and described my first experiences of Portsmouth, both as a University and as a city. In the eight [!!] months since then, I’ve completed a whole year of University. To me, that’s bizarre – time has flown! I’ve really enjoyed my first year at … Continue reading Portsmouth is [nearly] the complete city…

The Aussies are out but not down!

The Australians are a funny old bunch. They’re born with a permanent tan, spend most of their time upside-down, celebrate Christmas in the summer and cook every meal on the barbecue. If they’re not indulging in Australia’s two favourite past-times [surfing and crocodile hunting] then it’s because they’re in didgeridoo class. They love the Outback, … Continue reading The Aussies are out but not down!

Flog the blog; save the cat!

It’s been a while since I last blogged. I’ve been a busy man, but it’s nice to be back at the keyboard at wordpress.com. Although I’ve been stockpiling a lot of news, views and abuse, I can’t promise that this post will mark the start of an era of regular blog updates. I’ll dedicate this … Continue reading Flog the blog; save the cat!

Humble Pie

Just a (genuinely) very short post, articulating some thoughts. Several recent events have led to me seriously questioning my ability to handle my pride and convictions in a controlled and Godly way. Whilst I often like to feign arrogance and superiority for comedic effect, I fear that occasionally this seemingly innocent badinage manifests into something … Continue reading Humble Pie

Is blogging “egocentric?”

e·go·cen·tric adj. “Confined in attitude or interest to one’s own needs or affairs.” This is a fair question, and one that can’t be dismissed casually. Blogging is very different from other genres of media in the respect that the blogger expects the “blogees,” if you like, to take an interest in their musings and anecdotes. Not … Continue reading Is blogging “egocentric?”