Redefining Music As You Know It

As an English student, I spend a lot of my time studying the meanings and implications of words, phrases, sentences, chapters and texts. There are some words that are very easily defined – “candlestick”, for example, or “front door”. Then you have words like “match” which could mean one of the following: an easily ignited … Continue reading Redefining Music As You Know It

Salvation’s Song

The Christian music scene of today is a mixed bag. There are some extremely gifted songwriters who write very heartfelt, Gospel-focused songs and there are those who write rather more fluffy love songs which could probably be sung to a boy/girl friend [delete as appropriate]. In my opinion, a good hymn should sing of God’s … Continue reading Salvation’s Song

Christian Music

“As a Christian, where should I draw the line when it comes to music?” If I were to receive a penny every time I heard this question being asked, I wouldn’t quite be a millionaire but a handsome pension would certainly be on the cards. It’s a classic issue for youth groups to address, together with healthy movie habits and the … Continue reading Christian Music