I failed at University. Why?

I remember much of my first day at junior school like it was just yesterday. It was quite an introduction to formal education: the disappointment of discovering that my only friend was in a different class to me; the excitement of meeting up with him at break time; the bravado involved in asking the boy … Continue reading I failed at University. Why?

Salvation’s Song

The Christian music scene of today is a mixed bag. There are some extremely gifted songwriters who write very heartfelt, Gospel-focused songs and there are those who write rather more fluffy love songs which could probably be sung to a boy/girl friend [delete as appropriate]. In my opinion, a good hymn should sing of God’s … Continue reading Salvation’s Song

London 2012: How I think it will all pan out

What a great opening ceremony we were treated to last night! We’re told that over 1 billion people worldwide tuned in to feast at a banquet of British culture that featured Sir Paul McCartney, Mr Bean and a spectacular lighting of the Olympic Cauldron. So the ceremonial niceties are over, and now it’s time for … Continue reading London 2012: How I think it will all pan out