Cornel Hrisca-Munn: Drumming with no lower arms but with much higher standards.

Cornel Hrisca-Munn is a friend of mine who has some mad skills. I mean MAD. Watch this and be inspired [or else…].

You can follow Cornel on Twitter @CornelHMunn


Why Roger Federer will always be the greatest

Statistically, Roger Federer the tennis player is unrivalled. He holds the records for most Grand Slam titles won [16], most consecutive Grand Slam semi-final appearances [23] and most consecutive weeks as number 1 player in the world [237]. Statistics, however, do not do Roger Federer the man justice. He may be the greatest to ever grace the court, but Federer is more than just an incredible tennis player. He is also a remarkable human being.

To state that Federer works just as hard away from tennis as he does on the court would not be an embellishment of the truth. Success in sport has not filled the Swiss with self-conceit; rather, it seems to have strengthened his appreciation of the privileges he enjoys. Federer is the husband of former Women’s Tennis Association player Mirka Vavrinec and is father to twin girls, Myla Rose and Charlene Riva. So he’s something of a family man – a rarity in itself amongst top athletes in the modern day.

On top of upholding duties to his family and teaching them how to swear in Spanish [because let’s face it, Nadal needs a tongue-lashing], Roger is also heavily involved in charity work. In 2003 he set up the Roger Federer Foundation with the intention of providing the disabled/underprivileged with opportunities they would otherwise never have. And as if he didn’t have enough on his plate already, the Fed Express frequently fulfils ambassadorial roles for organisations such as UNICEF and has been know to rally [no pun intended] groups of top tennis players together for exhibition matches to raise funds for relief efforts. “Hit for Haiti” raised over £114,000 for those who suffered at the hands of the Haiti Earthquake. Impressive.

So whilst Federer has certainly achieved a lot in the last eight years, I firmly believe that his success can only be praised because of how he achieved it. He is the perfect model of a professional sportsman balancing commitments to family, profession and charity. In the words of Pete Sampras: “Roger Federer is the greatest”. I strongly hope/believe that he has a few more years ahead of him, and at least another 3 Grand Slams in the tank.