Salvation’s Song

The Christian music scene of today is a mixed bag. There are some extremely gifted songwriters who write very heartfelt, Gospel-focused songs and there are those who write rather more fluffy love songs which could probably be sung to a boy/girl friend [delete as appropriate].

In my opinion, a good hymn should sing of God’s loving grace, promises, sacrifice and might. I do go through phases of listening to different hymns, but this song has been at the top of my playlist for a good couple of years and is beautifully written.


20? I’d quite like my teenage years back, please.

I turn 20 today, and that’s a pretty terrifying prospect for me. I’ve enjoyed my teen years a lot, and it’s strange to think that I’ll never get them back – regardless of how childish my behaviour might be. I’m not one for sentimentality, but I’d like to mark the end of teen-hood by ironing out a few common misconceptions about teenagers.

1. “All teenagers carry knives!”
WRONG. In fact, I know several people who don’t even carry a knife at night! Most of my friends only wear small knives, nothing to be scared of. Not ALL teenagers are cool enough to be in a turtle gang…

2. “Teenagers don’t have real feelings.”
Pur-lease! When a 14 year-old boy pronounces his unwavering love for his girlfriend of 2 weeks, don’t doubt the guy. He’s travelled the seven seas looking for the perfect gal, so to suggest that his relationship won’t withstand the test of time would be to scorn Cupid himself. Teenagers have 5-year plans these days.

3. “All teenagers do is play video games.”
This is definitely not true. Teenagers spend at least 30% more time than the average adult in bed. This is an incredible attestation to the “play hard, rest hard” approach to life that the majority of teenagers adopt. Inspirational.

4. “Today’s youth are so unimaginative, when I was a boy/girl…”
This statement is normally followed by a long, dreary tale of how Old Person X and Old Person Y would invent all sorts of games and would take long walks in the countryside. Bully for you! If you’d ever played Fifa or Mario Kart, you wouldn’t need to invent any other game..!

5. “Today’s teenagers haven’t mastered the English language…”
I will literally kill the next person who tries to convince me of this!

There are plenty of other misconceptions out there that I’d love to correct, but I need to go sharpen my knives before bed. It’s been a fun 8 years for me, but I’m now looking forward to what’s ahead. In 2 years time I’ll have finished with University; in 5 years time I’ll be in full-time employment with a house of my own. Well, that’s my 5-year plan anyway!


“Head up, Sonny!”

This is a video my friend showed me of a slightly dopey woman who walked into an indoor pool in a shopping mall whilst texting on her “cell phone.” And I thought women drivers were bad…

“Let your eyes look straight ahead;
fix your gaze directly before you.” – Proverbs 4:25

It’s easy to laugh when a camera captures someone doing something so half-witted as this, but if we were to be honest with ourselves we’d all admit that we’ve made mistakes and taken tumbles in the past that we were thankful to not have been witnessed by the masses. I’ve definitely had several “You’ve Been Framed” moments over the years – cycling off a bridge probably being my finest!

More often than not there’s another part to the equation – a distraction. In the case of this video, the distraction is the lady’s mobile phone. In the case of my cycling accident, it was my brother pointing out something on my bike which I felt compelled to glance at [because it clearly can’t have been my fault]. The point is, these “accidents” are easily avoided by keeping our heads up and our eyes on the path ahead of us. It’s all too easy to become so focused on one thing that everything and everyone around us takes a back seat. Even a woman driver is better than a back seat driver!

So my motto for 2011 is going to be “Head up, Sonny!” What exactly do I mean by this? I mean that I want to keep looking to what lies ahead, and use the present to pave a strong path for the future – preferably one that doesn’t have a pool slapped in the middle of it. I don’t want to miss out on the big, exciting things in life because I focus too much on things that might appear to have significance of an immediate nature. As Proverbs 4:25 suggests, I will keep my eyes on the path ahead!

If anyone sees me walking along with my head down and my feet dragging, I permit them to push me into the road as an act of “Head up, Sonny!”